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Sapphire Nails
Heather Hill

Love the color shift on these sapphire nails! Blue, Green and Purple. Used the new glue and the entire process was so easy. Looking forward to my next order.

My nails are finally growing!

I love this strengthener. I usually use the Sally Hansen but wanted to give this a try and so glad I did. The color is a nice nude and does smooth over dents that I have on my nails. It does take consistent use for growth but it strengthens immediately.

Press-On Nail Removal Kit
LaVonne Sturgis
It Really Works!

I bought this remover kit after seeing it on TikTok and was skeptical if it would work or not lol. It just came in the mail and I tested it out and it actually works really good! It did take me about 15 minutes but usually it takes me over an hour with soaking and acetone. So it definitely saves time and my natural nails weren't damaged or dry and flaky after.

Brush On Nail Glue
Lexy Geiger

I didn’t expect the glue to hold so well. It’s so strong and long lasting. And doesn’t leave my nails damaged. I love it!

Baddie Nails
Teresa Phillips
Bad bitch

I love these nails! Cant wait to pop them on. I’m never disappointed with Luxxi nails.

Just Ordered It 😘

I am so happy Jasmine launched this. I have been waiting for a long time for something like this as it takes me almost an hour to remove my luxxi nails. I seen it on their tiktok live and was very impressed with the kit. It hasn't arrived yet, but I wanted to say how happy I am it's now available. Way to go ladies keep up the great work.

This stuff is awesome!

Luxxi has amazing nails so decided to try this and pleasantly surprised. I have been using it consistently for 3 weeks and so far my nails are thicker and a little longer. I am not wearing nails right now as I want my natural nails to get stronger and so I am happy with this product.


I absolutely adored this set. Wore this set to a wedding. Unfortunately the design began to fade after being in the pool and excursions in the water (sea water activities). Overall, I still loved them.

Dream Nails
Roe Sea
So cute

I received so many compliments. Nails are super strong.

Lily Nails
keishla nieves

Loveeeee them! So strong, durable!

Mojito Nails
Cute, professional nails

I love these nails. They are the perfect length and style for the office, and they are durable. They usually last me at least 3 weeks.

Mojito Nails
Deandra Canham
Pretty but didn't last long

I bought these to discourage me from biting my nails and it did the job. They're nice but pretty long for "short" nails. I had to file mine down for work. My only issue is that they only lasted 3 days for me using glue. I'm rough on my hands and took a bath (trying to keep the nails out but come on). I ended up losing a nail at work and was not able to reapply. Maybe I can file one down to fit but it's slightly inconvenient. Otherwise, they initially fit very well. I will consider purchasing another set because of this.

In love!

Definitely one of my favorite sets.

Boujee Nails
Rebecca Tan
Love them

I got these press on Nails to help save money. Not only am I obsessed with how gorgeous they are. I get compliments about who my Nail Tech is. My best kept secret ever, just kidding. I let them know where I get them. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Aura Nails
Teresa Phillips

Love these nails! Even prettier in person. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them.

Halo Nails
Rhonda Jones
Gorgeous nails!

I absolutely love these nails. The colors are beautiful and the accent jewels are an added bonus. And the jewels don't fall off! I will definitely be ordering these again! Halo nails straight from Heaven!

Eclipse Nails
Rachel Dominguez
Amazing color and sparkle, hard to fit though!

I love these so much! They are the coolest looking nails that I've ever bought from you guys! That being said, this batch, the sizes seem like... I don't know not off per se, but like maybe just a millimeter different than usual for the medium coffin as far as width goes: I'm finding that most of my fingers are an in between one number and another, so I'm getting a few more pop-offs than usual. I always carry glue in my purse so it's no big deal.

The Best!

These are the best press on nails I’ve had! I have done everything in them as if they were my natural
nail. They are sturdy, durable and have maintained shape and color. My nails have been on for 7 days and are still going strong. I love them!

Revitalizing Cuticle Oil
Diliana Gonzalez
Lavender cuticle oil

Smells so good and is so fresh feeling !

Gossip Nails
Nia Spencer
Great nails; hard to shape

LUXXI nail sets are great - this is my third. Great quality. The nails are light but they feel sturdy - not flimsy like some others. Very natural looking finish and nice variety of nail sizes. This particular set is great if you like a square tip. I prefer rounded but I thought I could just shape these. Yes and no. I was able to file the tips into a different shape but doing so chipped the white polish. Lovely nails, just don’t expect to file them as advertised.

Brush On Nail Glue
Cynthia Greenwood

I’ve never used glue so I used a cheap pair to practice with. I am glad I did cause I got glue on on some of nails. But let mer tell you these nails aren’t going anywhere. Recommend this seller

Mystery Nails
Courtney Armstrong

I LOVE a good surprise so mystery nails is a no brainer for me! It's like getting a birthday or Christmas present, haha

Sapphire Nails
Megan Mohn
These are AWESOME

These nails are so pretty and I’ve gotten so many compliments on them :)

Great hold

I’m so glad I listened to TikTok! This glue is comfortable and holds my nails very well. I haven’t had issues with lifting of the nail despite all my activities. I usually get nail lifting or nails flying when I start scratching eczema or doing daily activities but these press ons might as well be my actual nail when I use this glue!

Dream Nails
Beautiful Nails

I loved these nails but they only lasted me a week.