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Mint Nails
Holly Sobczak
Kinda see thru but very durable

Durable nails but a little bit see thru and make sure you buff the edges, I cut myself in my sleep the first day I wore them. After buffing they are safe.

Brush On Nail Glue
So far so good

So far so good with this nail glue I am super hard on my nails I clean a lot I have very large dogs I take care of I'm always washing things cleaning again computer work filing and so far the glue has held my nails aren't popping off they're not peeling and the tips I ordered are kind of clear and you don't see any bubbles so let's fingers crossed and see if it continue

Rainbow Nails
Love the look

I ordered the rainbow nails and they were a little long for me so I trim them so I do a lot of computer work and they're really nice they have not split the color is still vibrant they feel nice and they fit really nice and they're very comfortable

Brush On Nail Glue
rosangela dexter

Nails stay put. No lifting, but with excessive force, they might pop off.

Going on week 2 and still on!!!

Mint Nails

Followed another reviewer’s lead and mixed these colors and I’m in love. They look amazing!

Brush On Nail Glue
Diliana Gonzalez

I love this glue it’s the best!! Stays on even alittle after two weeks.

Mimosa Nails
Stacy Cullin
Very fun for spring!

These are very pretty! After a week the tips are starting to fade but that happens with polish too. I would rebuy!

Lily Nails
Renea Vaughan-Allen

All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Love it

Mystery Nails

Love my nails they are so cutie I have not put them on yet 🩷🩷🩷🩷

Beautiful Nails for Eid Day!

I used the adhesive to wear the nails temporarily for celebrating Eid! It was so easy and quick to put on and take off at the end of the day! I could pull off the nails seamlessly, and it didn't even damage my natural nails. The nails were stuck on pretty well and were very good quality. I received so many compliments, and people thought I had gotten my nails done from the salon! I highly recommend LUXXI Nails to anyone looking for a temporary manicure for a special event!

Minty Fresh!

Mint is such a fresh and beautiful color. The way it shimmers in the sunlight is beautiful. I’ve already gotten so many compliments. I mashed them with Lily and have no regrets. They look great as a set alone or with a mash up

So beautiful

Lily is absolutely beautiful. I did a mash up with mint and just loved the subtle but amazing Spring effect that it gave off. The short nail coffins are a beautiful length and shape as well. I have long nail beds and these completely cover the nail and are just beautiful

Onyx Nails
Mekesia Allen
Nice and sassy

I like these nails makes my hand look sophisticated lol

Peach is a vibe !

These nails are even prettier in person .. the color and the cats eye are amazing ! The short coffin length is perfect for the spring time !!! If you buy these you will not regret !! I promise you 🥰

Beautiful Spring Icy Mint Blue nails

These sping color cat eye collection are all so beautiful. The mint especially is my favorite since I wear a lot of dark color clothes and this gives it a nice pop of color while still matching most of my outfits. Glistening under the sun, Mint is gorgeous like an icy blue with cat eye effect while still shimmers. If you love blue, you will not want to miss this!

Beautiful reddish tones! ♥️♥️♥️

I do love the deep reddish tones in these! I mixed them with the Sapphire set for a true color explosion, but Ruby is A++ all by itself and I aaaabsolutely do plan to wear a full Ruby set one of these days. Just stunning! 😍🤩♥️ Great nails, and you will not be disappointed if you buy them. A very unique, powerful, and gorgeous red magnetic set! ✨✨✨

Mixed with Ruby. Color-shifting magic! ✨

These nails are magical, truly! It’s the cosmos at your fingertips. Beautiful colors with a mix/shift including deep greens, blues, and purples! The color you see depends on the angle/lighting. Soooo much fun to sit and nail-gaze. I mixed with Ruby, but the color-shifting nails with green, blue, or purple are the Sapphire nails. Highly recommend, super gorgeous! 🤩✨💕

Lily has my heart 💜 🦄

This set has made it into my top 3! I instantly placed another order. It is eye catching in the sunlight, I have received so many
compliments. Add these to your collection you won’t be disappointed.

Iris Nails
Mekesia Allen

I so love these they are exactly what I wanted and purple is my favorite color.

More stiletto goodness 🙋🏻‍♀️

I love a good stiletto nail & this set is so chic, classy, and really goes with everything. I didn't wanna take them off! Will 100% be re-wearing again & again. Perfect for any occasion 😘

A new fave ✨

I always fall for the stiletto styles 🥹 this one caught me by surprise with the pop of red hiding in the base! So unique & truly beautiful on. Def going to be re-wearing & maybe doing a mash-up with these...stay tuned 👀

Stole my heart 🥰

I'm already re-wearing these, mixing with a different set! That's how much I love them. The red is so versatile in nails, styling, etc. the shift is subtle but still stunning. Just another 10/10 here

Purple-pleased 🙏

This set is not only one of my FAVE colors to wear on my nails, but it's opaque (always a win in my book), it's got that cat-eye effect so it even shifts colors...there's no downside 🥳

Obsessed 💜🦄

Lily has become my new favorite! It’s perfect for Spring and is an eye catcher when you’re in the sun. I’ve received so many compliments on this set and it’s the perfect length for a busy mom!