8 Best Press-On Nails to Try in 2022

New year, new press-ons - that's our motto. Why? Because there’s no reason to pay for expensive, damaging acrylic nails in 2022. We’re better than that! If you want to kick off the new year in true baddie fashion, it’s only right to do it in the best, most trendy press-on nails! 

But how exactly do you determine which shape and design to choose?

There’s no need to wonder for another second, because we’ve got the tea! As press-on experts with nail wisdom galore, it’s only right to share with you the best press-on nails to try in 2022. Here we go! 

1. Nude Press-On Nail Designs

For any babe who walks on the natural side, nude press-on nails are a must-have! Nude nail designs are every baddie’s best ally because they look 100% natural and complement literally every outfit like a dream. 

Despite what some may believe, nude nails are anything but basic - just ask Chrissy Teigen, who loves a nude DIY mani! Ever since she debuted her go-to nude press-ons in 2020, we were smitten, and we are still obsessed with them today!  

When you take a good look at a quality set of nude press-on nails, it won’t take long to realize that there’s something tangibly regal and undeniably sexy about them. 

Tip: Low-quality nude press-ons are easy to spot. So, before you take the plunge and try nude nails, make sure that they are salon-quality and feature a realistic nail base. This is what separates the best nude nail designs from the rest. 

2. French Tip Press-On Nail Design

Care to go classic? French tips are the way to go! This nail design has been around for decades and the fact that it’s still trending today is a testament to its universal appeal. Thanks to their enduring popularity, you can find french tip press-ons in various colors and nail shapes. So, finding a set that speaks to your personal style and preferences is a cinch!  

3. Coffin Shaped Press-On Nails

Coffin shaped press-on nails are long, luxurious, and edgy. If that’s your cup of tea, you need some of these in your press-on nail stash ASAP! 

The coffin nail shape features a long silhouette with squared off tips. It exudes an aura of sophistication and glamour that’ll make you stand out as you party it up, hang with your girls, or even run errands. 

It’s not difficult to come across coffin press-on nails, but one thing’s for sure - they’re not all created equal. The best coffin nails stay on for a full 2 weeks or more and can be reapplied for a full wear time of up to 21 days! 

4. Stiletto Shaped Press-On Nails

Tons of celebrities, including Cardi B, Kehlani, and Beyonce, have rocked stiletto nails to top off their most eye-catching fashion ensembles. And the stiletto nail shape remains popular to this day, hence the stiletto nail inspo plastered all over Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. 

The stiletto nail design is all swag and all attitude and we are living for it! 

In the interest of full disclosure: Much like stiletto shoes, functioning with stiletto nails can be challenging at first, especially if they’re super long. But that hasn’t deterred women nationwide from flaunting them! 

If you want your hands to do all the talking, these are the perfect press-ons for you.  

5. Almond Shaped Press-On Nails

Almond shaped press-on nails are coveted for their style and utility. They are long enough to make a visual impact but not so long that they hinder the use of your hands. And since almond shaped press-on nails are so fashion-forward, they’re easy to find in virtually any design you can think of. Opt for a solid, french tip, or super bold design; whichever speaks to you. 

6. Metallic and Holographic Press-On Nail Designs

Metallics or holographics? Which side are you on? We’re on both! What’s great about these nail designs is that they have a shiny, reflective quality that catches the eye as you wave or strut down the street. You can see them from a mile away, making them a sure-fire hit for anyone who likes to be noticed.

Whether you prefer out-of-this-world ensembles or minimalist attire, both holographic and metallic nails are great accompaniments. If you decide to give either of these a try, just make sure that you’ve got the moxy to pull them off. 

Metallic and holographic nails come in all shapes and sizes, but these pink holos are literally to die for!  

7. Color Block Press-On Nail Designs

Do you live life in color? Let your nails reflect that! Color block press-ons feature 2 or more solid colors arranged in a defined pattern or design. These ultra-popular nails are plastered all over the internet no matter the time of year. 

They’re also perfect for when you’re feeling animated or want to match your nails to a new outfit. Affordable expert-designed color block press-ons are a rare find. Our advice? Snap these up in a hurry!  

8. Matte Press-On Nail Designs

Matte… It’s cool, sexy, and low-key. If those traits reflect you, matte press-on nails are your official jam! They’re super versatile, with a minimalist vibe that can take you from the grocery store to the most formal wedding. 

Matte press-ons are equally ornate and fierce, which is probably why they’re so attractive to women everywhere. 

2022 is the Year of Press-On Nails

There you have it - 8 of the best and trendiest press-on nail designs and shapes for 2022. One or more of these picks is guaranteed to put your hands on full blast! 

Press-ons eliminate the need for costly nail appointments, save you time on travel, and allow for easy nail removal. That’s why so many people are abandoning acrylic nails in favor of press-on nails, the obviously better alternative. So, no matter which press-on nail style or design you fancy, it’s sure to be a great choice for your nail beds, your wallet, and your nail health. 

And last, but not least, we encourage you to check out LUXXI nails, your one-stop-shop for salon-quality, long-lasting, affordable press-on nails in all the trendiest designs and nail shapes. With just a glance at our expertly curated collection, you're sure to find your next go-to press-on nail set!